Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 3: Mobile Myself

I merge Yelp and Livestream. Yelp is an online business directory founded in 2004 with social networking capabilities and user reviews. Yelp had an average of approximately 86 million monthly unique visitors in Q4 2012 (Yelp, 2013).
You can access Yelp via the web or apps available on through iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. Livestream connects people and live events. More than 30 million viewers each month watch thousands of live events (Livestream, 2013). Livestream is available via the web or apps available through iPhone, 
Android, and Blackberry.
The new social media platform would be called Voyeur. The convergence of these two mediums would allow consumers to view “real time” streaming video footage of various establishments (i.e., restaurants, clubs, bars, grocery stores, shopping malls, etc, before venturing out which would allow them the opportunity to arrive at the optimum time.
There is nothing worse than arriving at your favorite restaurant only to find a line out the door and an hour and half wait; you need to go to the grocery store, but you want to go when it’s not congested and the lines are short;  it’s a special night, you and your friends are planning a night out but you want to make sure the club or bar you select is “happening” this new technology would provide all the normal information Yelp provides (contact information, reviews, ratings, photos, and suggestions - i.e., don’t sit at table #23, there is a constant draft; table #33 has the best view; ask for Sarah’s section, she is fun and knows how to pair your food with a great wine, etc.)  You would also have the ability (during operating hours) to view “real time” video footage inside any establishment before you leave home or while in transit. 

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